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Karma theory – A professional research & an amateur’s posers Part 2- An amateur’s posers

Karma theory – A professional research & an amateur’s posers Part 2- An amateur’s posers We revisit Karma theory often because of it’s as fantastic and linear as a fable. At the end of the day fairness and honesty and virtues will win. What they sow people will harvest. Simple. 1. The first question from this amateur is “Isn’t it too good to be true?” 2.Has anyone done a case study of a few decades of a few king dynasties or global majors and compared whether the Kings still on the throne across the globe are reaping the fruits of the fair rule of their forefathers? 3.In the same analogy, the global majors selling chips or high-calorie beverages, are they now harvesting the karmic benefits for the good they did for consumers earlier (if at all they did one good thing)? 4.How Karma strikes back for individuals and for institutions? Is it same or different? 5.Let’s assume I was a banyan tree in my previous birth. I had given shelter to so many birds and other species that today I a

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