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The child of social media - ‘Spoken word’ poetry

  The child of social media - ‘Spoken word’ poetry There have been reasonable apprehensions about the poetry on social media and whether the reader finds the richness of classical poems or the layers and subtlety of modern poems in these. On the other hand, the judgmental approach and aversion to the poems on social media are blind in the sense, there are poets shaping a whole new genre ‘the spoken word’ poetry. Sarah Crown gives us an elaborate and in-depth analysis of the contribution of the contemporary poets who have excelled in this genre. (Link- ) She has made a right choice in McNish to highlight the expanse and scope the genre ‘spoken poetry’ offers to poets. I read some of McNish’s works and this is the link for McNish’s poem ‘Fine’- . The poem gives the reader in simple words a disturbing poem on loneliness of individuals and emptiness in relationships whe

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